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Although our main area is building stylish, flexible and fully responsive websites, we take into account a lot more than just the building of the website. Your business matters to us and we take great care into looking for the right design and structure that will suit your business needs. A website is part of the foundations of your business and we strive to make sure that those foundations are as strong as possible.

The websites we build are flexible, this is the defining element with Wight Wave is that we don’t just build a website and leave it. Think of your initial website launch as just the first step. We can help you grow and expand your site further. While your business grows then so does everything around it.

How It’s All Done

It’s quite simple, we don’t want to complicate things for you but delivery a great project.

We have found over the years that it is easy to make things complicated. There’s always so much to think about when planning the new build of your website and it can become overwhelming. We break it down for you, from the initial meeting, we explain how we can really simplify what seems like such a mountain of a journey.

While we know there are multiple ways we could build your website from more than five different platforms that could be used, We use WordPress! We’ve had over 6 years experience building websites using WordPress having completed around 200 in that time. It’s easy to use and makes it so much easier for you to get hands on. We encourage all our clients to have training on the WordPress CMS which will allow them to really expand their websites.

With more than just the content to worry about, we’ve broken down the areas to consider when creating your new project. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Having pre-wrttien content ready for your website is always extremely helpful but it’s not a problem if that’s not the case. Normally content is transferred from an old site to a new site but if this is a brand new project then this wouldn’t be the case.

When writing the content, just break it down like you’d see on a website. Always remember that with the websies being built in WordPress, content can be changed anytime, anywhere so it’s not final. Think of this as just the beginning.

Every website needs it’s own identity, this is where we look to include the aesthetics and this involves a variety of aspect.

We’d use a colour scheme that fits with your brand and that really compliments the design and structure of the new site. We’d then go onto imagery, if you have any imagery that can be used such as examples of work done, products, pictures from shows/exhibits. We find that it’s always more effective when personal imagery has been used rather than stock imagery but if that’s not possible then we can help source imagery that will compliment your site.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO may not mean alot to some people but this is what we think to be one of the most helpful tools available for new businesses as well as pre-existing businesses.

We will write up some custom meta descriptions, meta titles and meta tags that can be used within the WordPress build that will all be generated from your own content. Sounds confusing? don’t worry, it’s quite simple and we will explain this all further when we write them up for you.

The analytics we use is powered by Google, this is simply a tracking tool that will demonstrate the behaviour and trends of your users on the site. We can demonstrate page views, session times, locations, page journeys etc. Take a look here for more information

Keeping your website secure is one of the most important parts of the process. It is KEY that your website is hosted securely and is kept updated regularly.

There are hundreds of places you can go for hosting so we will happily honour any hosting package you may already have. We do however offer secure, dedicated and trusted web hosting at an affordable price if this is something you’re looking for and prices will vary depending on the size of the project, please contact us to discuss our hosting prices.

Now that your website is up and running, it’s time to get the word out!

We find that businesses tend to promote on mainly two social media networks at a time, this is down to it being alot more managable but it’s not a must. Facebook is a great tool to market your business, being able to post to a page like you would your wall to friends, as well as promoting posts to specific demographics.

More creative businesses like to promote on instagram, being able to tag images of work as well as following others. Instagram have some great tools to be able to track interactions with posts and stories similar to the analytics.

Businesses that are more corporate focused use Linkedin, this proves to be quite effective with getting the word out, having posts shared with connections and the word is spread!

All of these can of course be linked up to your website, there can be feeds or links to all accounts as and where you see fit.

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WordPress Website Design

Willinghurst Fisheries

Willinghurst Fisheries are a fisheries based just outside of Guildford, Hampshire. This WordPress website had a variety of features such as videography, interactive tables as well as a newsletter signup too.

Simple WordPress website

Get Toast

GetToast was a business consultancy firm based in Southampton who came to us looking for a new website to get the brand off the ground and running. This was a relatively small WordPress website of about 6/7 pages.

WooCommerce/WordPress website

Interactive Education

This was one of our more complex sites with a built in shop. With features such as a members area, product comparison and price calculator, this really did have the full works and all built in WordPress. Our biggest site yet!

WordPress Website Design

Genee World

Genee World had a brand new website built along with a complete branding overhaul. With this WordPress site, it became another large scale project, with over 80 products, a Partner Portal, Downloadable content section, training facilities and an app store, this really did prove to be a tough but exciting project. We’re happy with the result and so were they!

Simple WordPress website


This project was for an energy management company that leverages superior technology to reduce energy consumption – and the costs of that energy – for owners and senior management operating commercial buildings. This was a simple WordPress website with the added addition of a finance calculator and also included 4 personalised product pages.

WordPress Website Design

CellarDine UK

CellarDine have now a brand new website with online store to sell their innovative and stylish wine and bar products. From wine breathers to bottle chillers, they honestly have some of the most interesting and stylish products on the market.

WooCommerce powered store allows a great user experience for both Shop manager and Customers and has already seen an influx of orders since the new website went live.


Coming Soon

We’ve got plenty of more exciting projects on the go so watch this space.

Why WordPress?

We’ve been using WordPress for over 6 years now and we’ve seen it develop into such an incredible and useful solutions for any website, big or small. Our clients find it so beneficial having completed our WordPress training to go in and be able to take full control over their website, from uploading an image to creating a completely brand new page layou with content. It is by far one of the most intuitive solutions around and it can be so powerful.

We always try to encourage our customers to use WordPress and if they have another solutions then we try to show the benefits of changing to WordPress. We will be posting some blog posts about the benefits of using WordPress and the impact it will have on you and your business.

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