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The Benefits of YOAST SEO

So we’ve been using YOAST SEO for around 3 years now and we’ve seen some incredible benefits to using this SEO plugin for all websites. Now we find that alot of people come to us asking us how we manage the content on websites in relation to how it will help their rankings.

Now, we are always honest with them as this isn’t the only way we can target their rankings on Google. We find that this is an extremely useful way to improve their situation. What we’ll show in this post is the basic areas we find most helpful when creating great content as well as great tips for helping improve the content they already have.

Key Areas

When you’re writing content for your pages, you have three key areas to target. This is essentially the shop window when you are searched on Google.

SEO Title – This is pretty self explanatory, this is the title of the page you are on, this will also dictate what is displayed on Google. Ideally you need to put it the name of the page and the site title for people to know the site. they’ll be directed to.

Slug – This is the extension of the domain in question. This should always be labelled something sensible but not too long.

Meta Description – This is where you sell the page, provide a short description about whats on this page by providing something exciting that draws people in. You have a certain character length so don’t make it too wordy.

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Specific Analysis

This is where the more detailed analysis of your content comes into play. Now as always it’s always good to proof read your content before submitting it but this analysis tool with give you some helpful pointers with the aid of a Traffic Light System.

They will highlight areas that are good in GREEN, areas that are ok, but need improving on in ORANGE and areas that need improving before submission will be highlighted in RED

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