//Removing the “Uncategorized” category

Removing the “Uncategorized” category

I’d be a millionaire if I had a pound for every time someone asked me “How do you get rid of the Uncategorised category”

It turns out it’s alot more easier than you’d think. Just go ahead a create all your post categories as normal.

Once you’ve got all your post categories in, ideally you would have put something in like “All” or “General” or something along those lines depending on what you’re using your blog for.

Now head over to your Dashboard and got to Settings > Writing. Here you will find a dropdown where you can select the default post category. This will basically allocate this category to posts if you’ve not assigned one yourself. Select one of your new categories. You’re nearly done!!

You’ll need to navigate back over to Posts > Categories. Select the “Uncategorised” category and just go ahead and delete it. Simple as that!

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