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Choosing Your Domain – What’s the Difference?

There is always one question that we’re asked when it comes to picking a domain, and that is “What’s the difference between .com and .co.uk”. And it is a very interesting question. Well the one contributing factor we’ve found is that it all depends on who you’re going to be marketing your business and more importantly where.

So you will find most UK based businesses will have the standard www.business.co.uk domain, which is great, no problems there at all. Larger businesses and organisations that operate outside of the UK as well as in it too will most likely have their main domain to be www.business.com and they will have the www.business.co.uk domain forwarding to the leading domain.

This is common practice and is mostly done to avoid creating duplicate sites if they’re to perform the same task.

Some businesses will be a bit more complex with their domain selection and will go one step ahead and buy a variety of domains such as www.business.uk or www.business.org.uk or even less frequently seen nowadays www.business.net which all will be forwarding to the main domain whichever they choose. There is some sense behind this as it is also seen as good SEO practice too.

So, if you’re ever in a position where you can’t choose? Just think about who your target market is going to be. Local or Worldwide?

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